University Democrats was first registered at the University of Texas at Austin as a student organization in 1953. Since then, we have been committed to promoting progressive values, electing Democratic candidates, and turning Texas blue. You may also know us as Young Democrats and UT Democrats.


Our leadership team, UDLC (University Democrats Leadership Committee), is elected every semester to best serve the interests of our growing organization. As we enter a busy midterm season, UDLC is excited to get students engaged in local politics and voting like never before. 

Alexandra Evans



Alexandra is a second-year Plan II Major from Denison, Texas. She is passionate about labor rights, healthcare, and most other things if you pitch it well enough. In her increasingly rare free time, Alex enjoys making elaborate Pinterest Boards, picking a guitar, power naps, and cooking.

Julio Salinas



Julio is your friendly neighborhood activist fighting for the good of tomorrow. From the Rio Grande Valley, Julio is a Junior studying Government and Economics and is an advocate for mobilizing the people to achieve Justice in all forms -- everywhere. He is tireless in the fight for a revolution of, by, and for the people to transform our institutions.

Eli Melendrez


Eli is a Senior studying Government and Philosophy. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas and is extremely passionate about labor rights, social equity, education issues, and climate justice. Outside the realm of politics, Eli is an avid photographer and enjoys hiking.

Brandon Bradley



Brandon is a Junior studying Government at UT Austin and hails from Fort Worth, Texas. He is a programmer by trade but spends most of his time fighting for a more fair, just, and equitable world. Being cast or crew in over a dozen plays, he also loves the theatre. His political passions include: democratic reform, climate (energy / transportation) policy, and increasing international collaboration.

Omar Jasso


Omar Jasso is a senior Government and Communications student from the coastal bend. He is an advocate for progressive politics and uplifting minority communities. During his free time, Omar enjoys reading works on politics, history, and religion, indulges in hip-hop culture, and makes beats to rap to.

Jacob Turner


Jacob is a Sophomore studying International Relations and Global Studies. He is from Waco, Texas and first got interested in politics in high school when Donald Trump was elected president, which he saw to be an unprecedented and divisive moment in history. The political issues Jacob cares about the most are the protection of voting rights, environmental policies, anti-discrimination laws for the LGBTQ+ community, and expanded access to healthcare.

Jenny Matthews


Jenny Matthews is a senior majoring in Government and History. Her hometown is Houston, Texas, and she is passionate about criminal justice reform and women’s reproductive rights. In her limited free time, you can catch her running, reading historical fiction or advocacy books, studying for the LSAT, binging Downton Abbey or Victoria, or generally missing her dogs.

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