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University Democrats were first registered at the University of Texas at Austin as a student organization in 1953. Since then, we have been committed to promoting progressive values, electing Democratic candidates, and turning Texas blue. You may also know us as Young Democrats and UT Democrats.


Our leadership team, UDLC (University Democrats Leadership Committee), is elected every semester to best serve the interests of our growing organization. As we enter once more into a busy legislative session, UDLC is excited to get students engaged in local politics and voting like never before. 

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Matt McCoy



Matt McCoy is a senior government major from Ft. Worth. His interests include turning Texas blue, and making Republicans work for their seats. He is passionate about climate policy, expanding public transit, and beating Ted Cruz. He spends his limited free time cycling and relaxing in a hammock.

Brian Peña



Brian is a government and accounting major from the Rio Grande Valley. Beyond his time with the University Democrats he is proud to serve as the Super Precinct Chair for Travis County Democratic Party. He is passionate about equitable access to polling locations and electing pro student progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

Caitlyn Kalb


Caitlin is a sophomore Government major from Houston. She is passionate about reproductive rights, environmentalism, voter rights, and immigration. She enjoys painting, fashion, and registering people to vote.

Elif Painaik


Elif Painaik is a freshman government major from Austin. She is passionate about issues such as women's rights, the environment, and education, and has aspirations to become an attorney. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her three cats, hiking, and getting lost on the Austin bus system.

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Nya Jones



Nya is a senior Government major pursuing a certificate in Human Rights and Social Justice. She is passionate about reproductive rights, healthcare, and immigration. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, reading books, and hanging out with her dog.

Minami Krembs



Minami is a freshman Economics major from Dallas Fort-Worth. She is passionate about education access, voting rights, and protecting the environment. She enjoys crafting, running, and singing in the car to alleviate road rage.  

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