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As a club, we love having guests! Please respect these guidelines when visiting one of our general meetings or events. 

We welcome all members of the UT and Austin community to share an announcement at our meeting. We ask that all guests speaking keep their announcement brief and courteous of our members. UDems leadership reserves the right to restrict announcements to one minute. If you have any questions regarding our announcement process, please email your questions to

All guests are expected to abide by the University of Texas at Austin Honor Code as well as the behavior guidelines outlined in the UDems Constitution. Guests at meetings or events who are making members, speakers, or other guests uncomfortable will be asked to stop or leave. We ask that guests are courteous to our members and do not attempt to hold back or force literature on anyone. During question and answer periods, we ask that guests respect that the time is for members to ask their questions and are welcome to ask questions to the members. 

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